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Creating an autonomous shopping experience that is

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Featured in the media

Moonshop was selected as one of the most promising AI startups of the Netherlands by AI.NL.

Featured in the media

Pieter Boon, our CEO, talks about Moonshop, a grab-and-go platform built by Cape AI that is creating the shopping experience of the future.

Why go autonomous?

Here are some of the features our autonomous store offers.

Reduced costs

Costs are reduced through avenues such as:

Reduced human resource expenses

Elimination of human error in checkout

Less theft through threat detection

Optimized supply chain

We enhance data driven decision making with:

Real time stock tracking

Low stock notifications

Retail dashboard providing an eagle eye view of operations and analytics

Improved shopping experience

Shopping has never been more frictionless with:

No queues

No checkout

Grab and go experience

Better customer relationships

Understand and interact with your customers through:

Omnichannel sales and communication

Live promotions

Customer personalization

How the checkout process works?

A look at the magic happening behind the scenes.


We leverage edge computing AI cameras and a human-in-the-loop system to create instantly useable, scalable autonomous tech, and create jobs in the process!

What do you get?

Here is what you get when you purchase the Moonshop platform:


We assist in the procurement and installation of the necessary hardware items:

Smart cameras


QR Scanners

Payment Integration

We provide pre-built payment integrations:

PayFast (SA)

Payrexx (EU) and others

Mobile App

We provide you with an elegant and simple branded mobile application, ready for deployment:



Intelligent Store Management

Our platform leverages smart analytics and machine learning to provide intelligence on your operation:

Retail Analytics Dashboards

Stock management

Our locations!

We are currently based in South Africa and The Netherlands